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About Us

Consumer First has partnered with businesses throughout the US since 1999. We strive to aid your management team in upholding the highest customer experience standards in your respective industry. We customize remote or on-site service evaluation systems to meet the specific needs of your company, as well as customer experience optimization for online customer support portals & other self-service technologies. We will help you pinpoint service and sales areas where your employees and customer service systems are exceeding, meeting, or falling short of your expectations and the expectations of your customers. Consumer First will assist you in improving and maintaining a level of customer service that will increase the sales and the success of your business. Unsatisfied customers will affect your business 8-10 times more than satisfied ones. Customers are 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price or product-related. The relationships you build with your customers in the long-term are more valuable than securing their patronage in the short term. By implementing a program with Consumer First, we are confident that together, we can reduce or eliminate problems that cost your company valuable business. We offer the following services to help you achieve and maintain excellence in sales and service:

  1. On Site Service Evaluation:

    Trained service industry professionals evaluate all areas of your business relevant to customer service and satisfaction. Reports are submitted electronically via our web site and each report is reviewed for quality assurance. The report is available to be viewed by our clients within 48-72 hours. The timeliness of these reports will allow management to promptly address problems. Using database management software, we can plot historical performance for each of your locations, allowing you to compare performance across locations and identify customer service/satisfaction trends within locations. Access to client reports is password protected providing for strict confidentiality of the reports.

  2. Remote Test Call Service:

    Through test calling, the agent is tested and scored on general phone etiquette, sales ability, customer service skills, and current promotions. In order to achieve consistency in standards for all agents, and maximize profitability of your business, a test call program will reward those who excel, and correct problem areas before they cost your company valuable business.

  3. Remote Self-Service Technology Optimization:

    The self-service technologies market is projected to grow at a rate of 6.7% the next seven years, reaching a market size of $46 billion by 2027. Increasing demand for self-service tech, automated Self-Service portals, and remote management in the Service, Retail and Hospitality Industries are major factors driving the growth in adoption of Self-Service Technology. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted consumer and business behavior. With the radical change in consumer behavior come increased public health regulations. As a result, businesses are forced to adopt self-assisted technologies to promote social distancing and zero-touch practice. As more of your first-time and return customers interface with these technologies, the more important it becomes to ensure that these automated systems facilitate the best possible service experience for your customers. One bad experience with an automated phone system or poorly designed self-service portal can result in the loss of business before an employee has the chance to recover the situation. Furthermore, in many cases, first-time customers will interface with Self-Service Technologies before ever interacting with an employee. We work with businesses to proactively optimize excellent customer experiences when interfacing with these technologies.